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The future’s just slightly to the west

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So I’m back in Atlantis, watching something a little bit special. I’m watching a government getting crushed into a tiny weeping shadow of its worst nightmares. And all I can really think (when I stop laughing at the sheer slapstick joy of it all) is this:


Turn the television on, watch the YouTube clips, take a look at the numbers, see their little faces. And remember, please do remember, that this is a government that you only stopped publicly admiring some time last October when the shit hit the fan and Ireland admitted it was utterly fucked.

The outgoing Irish government has gone from 40% share of the vote to 15%.

Are you watching this, Mr Cameron?

Are you watching all those cabinet ministers lose their seats? Are you watching an outgoing government lose all bar a single seat in the capital? Are you hearing all those descriptions of a government being wiped out by angry, bitter, broken people? This makes your 1997 experience look like a gentle chastising.

Take a look at a country go against some bizarre, ingrained habit of electing this party again and again and again, and do something they have never done before – not vote for it, in massive numbers. Because they blame this government for mismanaging the financial crisis and leaving the citizens in desolation, poverty, unemployment and misery.

Still gambling on the notion that you can bribe enough people with a tax break in three years time to make stop people from noticing what you’ve done? Make them forget how many jobs have been lost, not because of international disaster but because of your policies, implemented with deliberation and announced with something akin to pleasure? How many people have been left desperate, left without the ability to support themselves, their ageing parents, their kids?

Have a look at what is happening in a country with 14% unemployment and no hopes for improvement.

    Labour didn’t get crushed last year. I’m watching a government get crushed. Labour got beaten, and I don’t think it was because of the economy, I think it was because they had been in power for thirteen years and people were tired and fundamentally bored of them.. In four years time you will be judged by the economy alone, Mr Cameron, because it’s the only excuse you can muster for your campaign of wholesale destruction. Let’s put it in numbers – you’re going to be judged on unemployment and you’ve just made one and a half million people unemployed. Every one of those people has family and friends who know whose fault this is and will remember when asked to cast a vote in four years time. You’re going to be judged on people’s standard of living. You’re going to be judged by the people whose basic survival you are currently threatening.

 Mr Clegg, you might want to take a look too. The coalition partners have just been wiped out in their entirety. But then I don’t think anyone will even pretend to be politely surprised when you get your turn at that.

What I’m watching right now has been called a riot in a ballot box. It’s a little sadder than that. It took the complete destruction of this country to effect this change. Crush the voters and they’ll crush you right back.

The clock’s ticking.

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